Never Fail Weight Loss Tips

You have been following your diet to the "T" but still not losing weight - follow these simple tips and you are on the road to a slimmer "You". Skipping meals leads to more problems and is the one reason why many diets fail before they have even begun. Always have at least 5 small meals per day. Stick to the three "F's" - Fish, Fruit, and Fiber.

Exercise - This is very important for losing weight and keeping it off - Always exercise on an empty stomach and early in the morning. Simple Yoga exercises and Pranayama not only keeps the body healthy but also the mind. 30 minute exercises every day of the week is all you need. The recent research has shown the three 10 minute sessions in a day is as good. This helps in combating the 'no time for exercise' excuse.

Record in a Diary - Always maintain a diary and record what you have eaten during the day at each of the 5 - 6 small meals, how you felt prior to eating what were your emotions and how you felt after eating. A diary creates a self awareness, what and when you are overeating and what you can and should avoid the next day.

Do Not Crash Diet - There are no short cuts to losing weight. You have reached this weight gradually and will lose it gradually. Do not fall for any diet tips that promise that you will lose weight in a month.

Move, Move, Move - Walk up the stairs, take two trips to the grocer, walk to school, ride a bike to work. In short increase your activity level

Cut Drinks for Weight Loss - Sodas, Whole Milk, Fruit Juices are a strict no-no. Opt for soy products and skimmed milk.

Drink More Water - Increase water intake. This not only makes you feel and look better, but also gives you the feeling that your stomach is full. Preferable drink a glass of water before meals. Keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices (without sugar), skimmed or soy milk.

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Substitute Foods - instead of eliminating them. Check the labels on all food packets. Choose the foods with lover levels of fat content. If Tortilla chips are a must buy on your shopping list, choose the low fat, low calorie tortilla chips instead.

Do Not Over Eat - Eat till you are satisfied. You do not have to eat till your stomach is going to explode.

Do not do it alone - Research has shown that people tend to lose weight faster and also stick to their weight loss and exercise regime if they join a group or do it together with a friend.

Make a real plan - Making a good weight loss plan will make sure you don't fall off the wagon when things are looking off.

With these tips and a lot of will power you is surely on the road to being slimmer and healthier.

Obesity is overwhelmingly high in different parts of the world. One thing individuals cannot control is their craving for different foods. The harsh truth is that some of the tastiest foods are the ones that do the most harm to your body. If you're overweight and have made a firm decision to shed those extra pounds there's a methodical approach to it.